April 05, 2007

TV 'censorship': oh, cry me a river

So, in the same paper on the same day, we have the Canadian History Channel whining that it can't show endless CSI:NY reruns, and advertisers whining that they can't show more sex and violence in ad spots in prime time.

Boo. Hoo.

Look, the simple fact is the Canadian versions of the History Channel and the Discovery Channel are crap, crap that only exist because of Canadian cable regulations that prevent the showing of the original, and occasionally even superior, U.S. products. The History Channel's contributions to Canadian historical awareness tonight include two CSI:NY reruns, an episode of "Things That Move," and two hours of "21st Century War Machines." As for Discovery.ca, I am always baffled about how many hours on Canada's only science channel are dedicated to "Biker Build-Off." If there were any justice to the world, the "Canadian" versions would be hived off to some high three-digit channel number, and their (again, only slightly superior) American originals would take up their place.

As for ads, anyone who says it's all about giving "great advertising a chance to breathe" when talking about the Kia makeout commercial or the latest Blue Light moment-of-sex is a buffoon by definition. Dude. You're selling beer. To young guys. It's not the orange tree from The Illusionist, here. They're going. To buy it. Anyway.

Posted by BruceR at 02:45 PM