March 26, 2007

Australian-Canadian reserve force agreement signed

I'm all in favour of these sorts of things. We lose too many good reservists when they pursue careers in other countries.

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Good for him

Having known Bob Walsh in a soldiering capacity for some years, it was great to see his unflinching dedication to students in his care recognized in this way when I opened the paper Friday, albeit in a somewhat unusual fashion. Good for him and for the Lorne Scots, his home unit. (As usual, the official unit website is junk, and the Canadian Forces public affairs site has no mention of the award.)

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Afstan casualties: knocking on wood

It has now been four months since the last Canadian combat fatality in Afghanistan, and two-and-a-half weeks since the last NATO combat fatality of any kind. Last year, there were 8 NATO fatalities due to hostile action in March. So far this month that number is 4.

If their enemies allow this long string of good-news days to continue, this trend can only inevitably lead to American and Canadian press coverage saying NATO is not doing enough to fight the Taliban this year, or taking enough risks by doing so.

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