May 02, 2005

"Canadian soldier" surveyed

Interesting piece of CF-driven sociological work on Canadian military personnel, available here. Very interesting read, particularly on the differences between Quebec-based soldiers and the others on appropriate uses of military force: there is apparently something to the stereotypes of the Westerner feeling alienated, the Quebecer pursuing different aims within the system altogether, and the Atlantic soldier just being happy he's got a steady job, b'y. Also note the re-asking of one of the key questions of the 1979 Cotton report, which found that one-in-six Canadian soldiers would refuse to go to war (now down to under one-in-ten, apparently).

In other news, the Canadian Royal Military College team beat 43 US and two British military academy and ROTC teams in their annual Sandhurst Competition on the weekend. The RMC team had come second last year, behind one of the RMA-Sandhurst teams, but this is the first time they've ever won overall since they started competing in 1997. More on the competition here.

Posted by BruceR at 09:50 AM