April 29, 2005

The Liberal hypnotoad does it again

Some people are beginning to realize that an election this spring may not be a good idea.

To be narrowly single-issue... again... for a minute, an election right now would be quite possibly the worst thing that could happen from a defence spending perspective. The separatists will take Quebec, and the NDP will take Liberal votes in Ontario. Very little else will change, so it will either be a razor-thin Tory minority that will be defeated in turn on its own first confidence motion, or far more likely, a Lib government with the NDP truly holding the balance of power for a change and a few years of a quasi-socialist coalition. Goodbye defence spending hike, and anything else remotely Tory-positive in the remaining Lib platform, right there.

Harper's got to try, of course, (it's his job) but the odds have always been heavily stacked against him. And the general proposition that a do-nothing government with corruption in its backrooms should be challenged at the polls as frequently as possible is not affected.

Posted by BruceR at 10:05 AM