January 24, 2012

No-second-acts watch

"With him [Gingrich] were Colonel Michael Steele, the company commander made famous for Jason Isaacs' depiction of him in the movie Black Hawk Down"


Small correction: Steele wasn't brought into the public eye by an actor, not exactly. Mark Bowden's original Black Hawk Down articles and later book famously portrayed him, rightly or wrongly, as a company commander, uncertain under fire and disrespected by his subordinates. Then, as a brigade commander in the Iraq Iron Triangle murders incident in 2006, he was investigated, reprimanded, and denied a general's star for allegedly telling his men, "kill all military-age males."

Apparently he's close to Gingrich now. His kind of soldier, I guess.

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Best line of the night

"President Mitt will restart the space programme, presumably to shoot his tax records for the past two decades into the ionosphere."


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