January 04, 2012

Afghanistan update: situation no change

For those who still remember there's a war there, Dan Smock does an excellent job here of dismantling the spin on the latest Asia Foundation survey of Afghan opinion that ISAF pushed out a few press releases on end of last year.

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Why non-Americans think Americans are hopelessly irrational, #276,567

"'If you guys did some digging, you'd realize we don't know anything about Obama,' said Wilson. 'We don't have his college records; we don't know who he dated in college. I think that birth certificate stuff was pretty stupid, but there are aspects of his career that no [one] has looked at. Look into Jeremiah Wright's church, and Black Liberation Theology. It's a racist church, fundamentally.' Contrast all that with Santorum. 'He's one of us,' said Wilson." --Weigel, Slate

Dude. He's been President for three years. People look for skeletons in people's youthful closets before they run for serious office (*cough* Palin *cough*). At this point, any normal person would conclude they have more than enough evidence to assess the guy based on what he's done, and is doing for better or for worse in office. Or in Iowa do they check the references on your CV only after you've worked for the company a few years?

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