September 18, 2010

Margolis discredit watch: no, this probably won't be enough either

Eric Margolis was an old bugbear of mine: I used to call him "Wormtongue", as I recall, for his consistent defenses of those who wanted to kill Canadians, defenses which somehow were never so egregious as to keep him from being a frequent commentator on the national news, sitting alongside genuinely non-insane people like Andrew Coyne and Janice Stein.

I see from Adrian and Mark's site that he's descended, as might have been anticipated, into full-on 9/11 trutherism, as he has been reduced to selling his nutty freelance column to the Tehran Times. The question now will be whether this will finally be enough to keep his demented rantings off major Canadian news programs.

Posted by BruceR at 07:22 PM