September 06, 2010

Things that please me: webcomix edition

I always feel a little bad about reading web comics... the better ones have given me so much happiness over the years, but it's like free ice cream... I really don't say how I'm incentivizing the creators very effectively. That's why whenever I see a print book of a good webcomic, I try to pick it up.

The flip side is our weekend newspaper's funnies, which are really awful and have been for years. The Comics Curmudgeon has that beat down so I won't wax poetic on how awful they are. But it's fair to say the only old standard I can stand is Doonesbury, which I also read online.

I wish someone in the newspaper industry would offer some of the better web comics guys a better deal. If I had to pick my three recommendations, they'd be Penny Arcade, xkcd, and one I recently had pointed out to me, Questionable Content, which, with its strong characters and patient episodic story development, would be perfect for some kind of expansion beyond the web. The latter two don't even have books out, which is a crying shame if you ask me. I'd buy them.

Posted by BruceR at 12:29 AM