June 21, 2010

Good World Cup commentary

The long-form web commentary out of Canadian outlets on the World Cup being so shockingly poor (compared to 2006), people have started to look elsewhere. I'm enjoying TNR's blog, and also Zonal Marking.

This is the trouble with a Twitt-ified news outlet. Seriously, if you're strong at sports analysis, people really don't care about your second-by-second stuff; you can get that elsewhere. We know who won, we want you experts to tell us why. On the Globe site right now, you have Steven Brunt's pretty good Portugal post-game analysis, but it's not even linked on their blog page yet, which has had nothing of significance but previews. John Doyle apparently hasn't written anything in a week; why is he getting a break from writing about TV, again? The Star has been even worse. In quality of analysis, the Canadian websites are a huge step down from 4 years ago.

Posted by BruceR at 11:38 AM