August 19, 2009

A maudlin moment

Just came across this press release from eight months back. Just filing the link so I can find it again.

The ANA 1 Brigade Headquarters controlled the battlespace and all the forces manoeuvring in it using their own deployed forward command post during Op Atal 47, a disruption and search operation, near Senjaray, in Zharey District.

It was a particularly well-laced command post, too, I'll have you know. Fine lacing work by all involved. Never blew over... okay, except for the one time... the memory is hazy, but I believe what I'm saying at that moment is "stop playing with the bloody camera and come over here and give me a bloody hand."

Anyway, happy Afghan Independence Day, everybody!

Posted by BruceR at 03:44 PM

K on Afghan election

ETT member "K" gives a good run-down of what an election looks like from the security force's perspective in insecure areas of the country. It was very similar for us during the election registration period earlier this year, which also involved registration stations, admittedly for a minority of the population, that were in practical terms unsecureable by government forces:

We focus on the larger population centers, which are not surprisingly generally located in the larger valleys. Of the many small valleys branching off from the larger ones, we control the terrain at most a couple of kilometers in. Far down into some of these valleys, we havenít had Americans go in years. This fact hasnít stopped the unnamed, unseen planners on high from deciding to put election polling sites in some of these places. Exactly how weíre supposed to secure a place we donít ever go, in addition to all the other sites in our normal area of operations, is a question which has occurred to many of us in recent weeks.

Thankfully, as the election creeps closer, reality is beginning to set in, and numerous planned polling stations are not going to be opened. Weíll consolidate some, and others will just not be available, necessitating the local people taking a longer trip to vote. It will be the courageous family that decides to take a trip down an unsecured road while bearing voter registration cards.

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