June 15, 2009

"But perhaps they're only worried because of YOU"

Interviewing brilliance from CTV's Tom Clark.

Ezra Levant, in the same clip, makes reference to this disturbing section of the Canadian Human Rights Commission's latest report to Parliament:

Removing the truth defence

Under the Criminal Code, the offence of hate propaganda includes a defence of truth. Professor Moon recommends the removal of this defence on the basis that a hate message suggesting that a given race, sex or religion is devoid of any redeeming qualities as human beings can never be true and therefore the justice system should not give hate-mongers a platform to make this argument in a criminal trial...

As this issue has resurfaced since the original drafting of the legislation, Parliament may wish to include considerations about the defence of truth in its deliberations.

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Today's essential Afghan reading

Forces Board of Inquiry on Canadian detainee handling, here. I think the army comes off looking about as well as can be expected.

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