April 29, 2009

Torture != Lincoln

This piece has it absolutely right. There are no comparisons between the most recent Republican occupants of the White House and their decision to torture and the superficially comparable expediencies of previous national crises, such as Civil War habeas corpus, various Alien acts, etc. That's because the Bush Administration's actions were so uniquely without anything resembling the forethought, rigour, or... or class, that would have been shown by, say, a Lincoln in the same situation.

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Things that please me, reintegration edition

A couple kudos quiknotes as I continue to resume regularly scheduled programming here in Toronto.

On Friday I had the great pleasure of meeting someone I've been a fan of a long time, Colby Cosh, along with sundry friends. The absolutely excellent time proved something I'd suspected for a long time, that anyone who thought that clearly had to be a real mensch in person, as well. Thanks again for the invite, chief.

I'd also like to note the excellent work done for me in building a new computer last week by a local Toronto store, PC Metro. If you're like me, you like assembling your own PC from parts, but I simply didn't have the time this time around. David at the store put together a great desktop box to spec for very reasonable terms. If you're living or working downtown and need a new desktop PC, I would recommend them.

Posted by BruceR at 09:29 AM