April 08, 2009


As my slow reintegration to the greater world begins, let me just say that you don't actually have to be an Albertan to agree with everything old friend Colby Cosh says here. Brian Knight should be lauded, not censured. Why do cops always have to be such morons about this stuff?

Speaking of morons, this, by Judith Timson, was the stupidest column I've read in a while:

"Twenty-year-old guys, it seems, have no right to be terrified into submission. And certainly no right to run for their lives."

I'm pretty sure that the right to act in accordance with the moral sense God gave an antelope is not actually enshrined in any of the many lofty rights declarations I have read over the years. (No scratch that, male antelopes fight back sometimes. Jellyfish, maybe?)

Let's try and keep the terminology straight: being terrified into submission or running for your life when others are begging you to help them are not "rights" that anyone, man or woman, can ever possess. These are profound personal failings stemming from fear, selfishness, and a lack of human empathy. They are understandable, yes, common, yes, forgiveable, maybe, but not, NOT, excusable. Ever.

Posted by BruceR at 01:16 PM