June 01, 2008

In the company of intelligence

"There's never been a debate in Canada that I am aware of on running an intelligence company out of the Canadian Forces."

--NDP defence critic Dawn Black.

What Colby said. For the record, last time I looked there were 4 military intelligence companies in the Canadian Forces: 2 (Toronto), 3 (Halifax), 4 (Montreal), and 6 (Western Canada). All 4 have been pushing a steady stream of reservists overseas for the Afghanistan mission, as they did for other missions before.

Perhaps the reason that Ms. Black doesn't recall a debate being held on the establishment of organizations specifically called "intelligence companies" was because that momentous event occurred in 1948. Obviously, of course, there was a Canadian Intelligence Corps long before that, though... as Romeo Sabourin or Frank Pickersgill could have told her, if they had not, unfortunately, been executed in Buchenwald.

Posted by BruceR at 01:03 AM