February 01, 2008

A quiet plea

I feel compelled to use what little weight I might have to say to any American who's reading this: Hey. I'm Canadian. Like all Canadians, Americans are my #1 spectator sport. I find you all hugely entertaining to observe anthropologically, and I know you pretty well by now. That applies doubly to Democrats, who are after all, really just Canadians on the wrong side of the border.

So take some third-person perspective? Hey, I was right around this same time four years ago about Kerry, after all. At this point, I can't see the argument for anyone but Obama. At all. He's what you guys need right now. Clinton, for all the obvious dynastic and war-voting issues, is clearly the second choice to me (still superior to the Republican opponents, of course).

If you nominate Obama, it will be a Democratic blowout, a transformative moment in your history. If you nominate Clinton, it will be much too close for comfort for you. I really can't understand why Democrats wouldn't go for the sure thing here, and if you don't, well then you deserve whatever comes next. That's all I'm saying.

Posted by BruceR at 02:11 PM