January 24, 2008

Wherry on Manley

This is a very good post. It reads like a good old-fashioned opinion column, before the opinion writers all became idiots.

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UN SecGen on Afstan

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon today:

"Once again, the opportunists are on the rise, seeking anew to make Afghanistan a lawless place a locus of instability, terrorism and drug trafficking. Their means are desperate: suicide bombs, kidnappings, the killing of government officials and hijacking of aid convoys. Almost more dismaying is the response of some outside Afghanistan, who react by calling for a disengagement or the full withdrawal of international forces. This would be a misjudgment of historic proportions, the repetition of a mistake that has already had terrible consequences..."

His tattoo-worthy closer:

"It is hard work. There is little glory. It requires sacrifices. And that is why we are there."

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