July 24, 2007

Obscurity and confidence

There I was, whining about my anonymity, and then I get mentioned in a National Post editorial. It's been a while.

For the record, and since I didn't say so in the post in question, I feel compelled to clarify that the graphic in question was drawn entirely, like everything on this site, from publicly available data, in this case the database at icasualties.org. Since this site converted to a blog at the end of 2001, I have never posted, and hopefully will never post, anything about:
1) the personal lives of friends or family;
2) the work I do for any of my various current employers, or the people I work with; and
3) anything that would put me in a potential conflict of interest or breach of confidence situation with anyone.

If that makes this a boring place to hang out compared to the way it was, say 4 years ago, well, so be it.

Posted by BruceR at 04:40 PM