May 31, 2007

LotR Online update

Nights played to date: 11. Current main level: 13.7. Deaths: 2.

Too busy to focus on this too much: tried 30 mins to an hour for a couple nights, but started too late each time to get much done. Still wandering around the Shire trying to clear out my quest log. It's like my email Inbox, that. Speaking of which, I got my first spam through the ingame mail system last night... not too impressed with that.

I'm highly pleased to say that my first death last night was the result of bees, which may just be the most pathetic way I have ever died in an MMO. Maybe not eating bees, mind you, but still bees. Brain lock is my only excuse: I wasn't paying attention to the ingame story and got confused by events as a result. Immediately rezzed at the bind point, and ran back to do the quest again. Stood out of the immediate area where the two NPC hobbits were poking at a bees nest (no fool, me), and dispatched them pretty effectively this time. Then I noticed the bears incoming (for the honey, of course.) Nice two-wave lowbie defend-quest, actually. Took out the big bear, and got the other one down to about three HP before he got me. Again, pretty much me not taking things too seriously and being a little slower than usual uptake-wise: there were a couple ways I could have played that last fight differently and won, both of which occurred to me back at the bind point, conveniently enough. It's what I get for playing after a very long work day, I suppose. Oh, well, no harm no foul: got some better shoulder pads and a nicer sword on the night, so it was all good. Do better the next time.

Posted by BruceR at 02:37 PM