May 23, 2007

LOTR online update

Day 7. Main char level 11.6. Deaths: none.

Another pleasant evening in Middle-Earth. Spent most of the night killing giant spiders near Archet. Teamed up with a passing burglar to take down the boss spider, who was dark blue to me (slightly lower level)... very entertaining little fight, that. Another fun solo fight before that with three light blue (moderately lower level) spiders which was a lot of fun to twist out of on my own. Then after that, a fun timed quest to catch a specific neekerbreeker from an area I'd never been before, and bring the requisite bijou in its possession back to the start point within 30 mins. The element of time always makes these things more interesting. Could probably have powered through to 12 before logging, but I'm in no rush. Finally found a half-decent looking mace, which is nice.

Posted by BruceR at 10:59 AM