January 08, 2007

Saddam: he did die well

I think Gary Brecher gets the story about right on the Saddam death. Actually, so did Shakespeare (talking about Macbeth's executed enemy, the Thane of Cawdor):

..."nothing in his life
Became him like the leaving it; he died
As one that had been studied in his death
To throw away the dearest thing he owed,
As 'twere a careless trifle."

Mark Steyn asks, "How come we have a political culture that can produce a content-free party convention down to the nano-second but gives not a thought to hinge moments of history?"

One presumes only because they're completely ignorant of that history. They've done this before, you know, and much more successfully.

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Jurassic dreams

In case you were ever wondering at what age you will finally stop having those vivid, can't-sleep-clown-will-eat-me nightmares about being chased and devoured by dinosaurs, um, 37 isn't it.

I'd like to once again thank Steven Spielberg, et al for providing us all with the fully realized spectre of velociraptor attacks to re-haunt our mental mazes, and thereby bringing the dinosaur-nightmare meme back out of the realm of the faintly ridiculous.

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Afghan must-reads, part 2

Yet another in a growing series of commentaries that actually get Afghanistan.

(It's fair to say that this week's promised Presidential speech about dribbling more U.S. troops into Iraq, with its commitment of every swinging d__k left to yet another pointless Baghdad stabilization attempt, portends to be almost exactly the opposite thing required, at least as far as Kabul is concerned.)

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