October 23, 2006

Never a big fan of thought control

My occasional digs aside, I am as concerned as anyone about the banning of Mark Steyn's new book from Canadian bookstores.

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And the brownouts begin

It's been a horrible week for brownouts in the Willowdale-North York area of Toronto this last week: three on our block yesterday alone.

It's easy to say that this is the upshot of years of mismanagement by all three political parties. But the simple fact is that Ontario, and Toronto in particular, need more electrical power than we currently generate. The power supply should be a much larger issue in provincial politics than it has been. I stopped voting for the Harris-Eves Tories in part due to their complete mismanagement of this file while in office: I will have absolutely no compunction about dropping the McGuinty Liberals next time if they are the less impressive party on the power question.

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Although the plan would not threaten Mr. Maliki with a withdrawal of American troops, several officials said the Bush administration would consider changes in military strategy and other penalties if Iraq balked at adopting it or failed to meet critical benchmarks within it.

A change of American strategy in Iraq. Would be a penalty. Against Iraqis. Hookay...

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