September 27, 2006

A curious silence

Instapundit, on the Cory Maye case, Sept. 24:

"This is wrong. It's not only a reason why no-knock raids should be banned except in life-or-death situations, but it's also an example of how unfettered prosecutorial discretion is unfair and dangerous. In cases like this, there should be much more accountability for decisions to prosecute, or not to prosecute."

Instapundit, on this week's compromise Torture Bill's removal of habeas corpus appeal from anyone suspected of supporting terrorism, allowing them to be held forever by the army or CIA without trial, pretty much the ultimate in "unfettered prosecutorial discretion":

*chirp, chirp*, it bears noting, has been similarly silent so far on the compromise legislation.

The whole point of having a couple of law professors on your list of readable blogs is that they might have something informative to say on, you know, legal issues. Unfortunately, neither Reynolds nor the Volokh gang are reliable in this regard any longer.

Indeed, it's fair to say that both law blogs have become pretty reliable barometers on the times when government critics have a strong point to make, purely because on those issues they habitually decline to say anything at all.

UPDATE: That goes for Althouse and her little dog, too.

Posted by BruceR at 05:04 PM