August 09, 2006

The trouble, you see, is all the lying

Appears the ambulance-with-the-hole picture linked in a previous entry here was a fake, too. Too good to check, I guess. Assuming they're the same ambulance, the interior picture of the ambulance showing no burn or explosion marks pretty much settles it.

In other fake news news, I see one of the armed men from the "ZU-23 in Christian Beirut" stories below, was also getting his photo taken at the scene by several different press photographers, including the disgraced Adnan Hajj. Um, so why did Australian papers refer to their photos of the guy as being from a set of "graphic images smuggled out of Lebanon?" There doesn't appear to have been any smuggling required, at all.

No matter what you think of LGF and the other sites in a frenzy over this, it's getting undeniable by this point: the reliance on Lebanese photo and television stringers by major press outlets is messing with any kind of accurate picture of he Lebanon situation.

Posted by BruceR at 05:36 PM