December 06, 2005

Childcare: well, they got my vote

This blog will likely be going into an even deeper state of semi-hiatus shortly, but before it does, I just wanted to say that the election question for this voter pretty much ended this morning on the subway.

I support my tax dollars going towards families with young children. I have absolutely no interest in them being used to apply economic force on Canadians to institutionalize their children from the age of two, which has long been the Liberal childcare solution. (The Globe editorial this morning, saying that the Conservative childcare plan could be better focussed on poorer Canadians, certainly has a point, but these are the kind of details that can be worked out over time.)

I still don't find Conservative defence policy to be particularly sound. But I do think they'll be better defenders of personal choice and individual freedom (and the proper role of the federal government in a federation, for that matter) than the ruling party on domestic issues.

Posted by BruceR at 11:08 AM