November 18, 2005

Today's Koufax award goes to...

And the award for blog comment of the week I wish I'd written goes to:

Dr. Morpheus:

"Your not going to catch me in that logical trap! It's losers all the way down!"

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I just wanted to save this

...for posterity.

"I do see that Steven Den Beste is doing his best to stir the crap with his usual phony hysteria over at Dean Esmay's ("commenting is a privilege, not a right") page. Ann Althouse launches an over-the-top attack on OSM, Charles Johnson comments that she has "jumped the shark," and SDB, true to his latest "I can dish it out, sort of, but I can't take it for diddly" persona, shrieks, rips his damp panties off and waves them wildly about his head, and wails that Charles has "heaped abuse" on poor Ann. Tell you what, Steve - when it comes to writing chops, compared to your endless, turgid prose, Ann needs no help from you in defending herself..."

I long ago concluded that blogger Steven Den Beste was a very intelligent man I happened to disagree with on the politics of the day, Charles Johnson was also a smart man once who now enjoys the cult-leadership aspects too much to show weakness around the ravening subhuman hordes who read him, and Ann Althouse frequently spoke before she thought (NB: That one's something we're all guilty of, mind you). Bill Quick, on the other hand, is a batshit loony of anthropological curiosity only. I'm obviously enjoying this whole contretemps immensely.

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100 best books, and one so-so review

I was at the announcement at Massey College yesterday of the Literary Review of Canada's list of the 100 most important Canadian books, on the occasion of the magazine's 14th birthday. I think it's an excellent project that editor Bronwyn Drainie and her team took on here, and I'm ever so glad to be tangentially associated with a magazine that would take the time and effort to do something like this.

The coming December issue of LRC (orange cover, not listed their site yet) features my review of Canadian media studies prof Tim Blackmore's War X, about the scary future of warfare. To be frank, it's not one of Canada's most important books. Just in case anyone out there (Mom?) is interested in reading my deep thoughts in a more subway-friendly format again.

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