July 13, 2005

The return of suicide terror

That the London bombings are revealed to have been the result of what I would have thought was the most unlikely possibility, that of suicide Pakistani Muslims rather than Arabs, is deeply depressing. Mark Steyn is right when he points out how appalling it is how self-appointed spokesmen for British and Canadian Muslims have turned the whole situation around to be about their coming oppression, every time, but it's hard to see how there could not be a backlash of some sort coming after this one. Juan Cole is proposing passing new RICO laws against cults, including extremist Muslim ones, which at least is an original approach. The only alternative that collective self-preservation allows , frankly, will be some systemic discrimination against Muslims or Indians generally, in Canada as well as the U.K. Historically, when a minority in a state starts to pose a physical threat to the majority, only one of two things will happen: either the minority will self-police or otherwise mitigate their members' apparent dangerousness, or the majority will do it for them. The only question here, as Cole rightly recognizes, is which minority we're going to be talking about.

Posted by BruceR at 04:42 PM