July 05, 2005

Why was I not informed?

One of the biggest problems with the Saitek Cyborg Evo joysticks, which are otherwise excellent entry-level tools for computer flight sim fans, has been the lack of good "deadband" control... being able to refine the area in the center of the stick's axes that the stick is neutralized within. I have found this frustrating at times, but last night I managed to locate the better-late-than-never downloadable tool from Saitek that fixes the problem. Okay, I like Saitek sticks again now.

Looking back at my "things that please me" post where I first mentioned Saiteks, I feel compelled to extend it just a little, while I'm at it:

6) I'm reasonably pleased with Canon's low-end desktop bubblejet printers, which have followed a steady progression of improvement from the BJC-1000 through the 4000, then the S200, and now the IP1500/2000 models. (All of the above, purchased by friends and family over the years, still work fine, btw). If all you want is a printer, not a scanner/fax/coffee machine, I really think Canon's the way to go these days. (PS: When did they stop including USB cables in printer packages? That's really annoying, and contributes to some real sticker price deception.)

7) While I still vote Canadian-owned Viewsonic for CRT monitors, I honestly think the best value for LCDs these days is Samsung's Syncmaster line.

8) And as much as I hate to say it, because of their predatory attacks on Canada's own ATI and before them Voodoo, I have to say Nvidia did a great job with their Nforce motherboard chipsets. I still say Asus makes the best mobos, but when I'm looking at them these days, I'm looking for the Nforce components as well.

Posted by BruceR at 10:39 AM