April 20, 2005

Silly mass index

As a proud member of the lifesaving overweight BMI category, allow me to take this opportunity to say to all my thinner friends that I'll miss you when you're gone. I'll have to confess, though, that I never put much stock in those BMI categories, anyway. "Normal weight" for someone my height is defined, with some variation depending on the calculator, as roughly 137 to 184 pounds. If I saw someone my height who was 137, I'd feel the compulsive urge to stuff a ham in the ravenous beanpole, but that's just me.

Posted by BruceR at 05:51 PM

The oddest thing

Got the most curious thing last night... the Canadian Forces edition of the New Testament. Roughly the size, and apparently the same translation as your standard hand-out Gideon/"hotel bible" edition and coloured a solid dark green, it left me with only one question: couldn't they have gotten it in CADPAT?

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The mythical Canadian soldier

A sign of how seriously the Liberals' further policy ambitions are being taken at this point is the complete lack of ANY coverage in the Globe today of yesterday's defence policy review statement. Now, yes, it was Pope Day, so they lost page one right there, and yes, the defence department flacks did court their own failure by burying their most important document in 15 years, at least online (note how the only way you can get to the actual document online from the National Defence homepage is THROUGH the foreign affairs website; there's no direct same-site clickpath from the department's own homepage) but I do have to wonder at the huge story that took up all of page 3 of Canada's national newspaper this morning on the latest Bigfoot sighting... including a giant reprint of a hoary old hoax photo. Flit Rule #113: If you're being pushed out of the dailies by sightings of imaginary animals, yours is not a serious issue.

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