February 27, 2004


"If Ottawa can deploy troops to secure our embassy and rescue citizens, it can join other international nations in deploying troops or police to help restore calm, save lives and plan new elections."

The Toronto Star, today. I really don't know what bothers me more... that as a nation we may not have the ability any more to do even a minor military intervention such as this one on short notice, or that the country's opinion makers, against all evidence, continue to believe that we do.

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I'm in no rush to see The Bible According to Mel Gibson, thanks. However, I may well take this opportunity to rent Denys Arcand's Jesus of Montreal again. (Read Ebert's review.) It's remarkable the number of times I've read something in a "Passion" review that the reviewer objected to and thought, "Arcand doesn't do that."

Posted by BruceR at 03:22 PM