February 17, 2004


John Bryden, MP, perhaps the best historian working in two very secretive areas -- the Canadian military intelligence and NBC establishments -- has quit the Liberal Party over the current sponsorship scandal, and may sit as either a Tory or Independent.

I'm a big fan of Bryden... his first book, "Deadly Allies," which uncovered Canada's plans at the end of WW2 to invest in a botulinum toxin national deterrent rather than a nuclear force, among other revelations, is a must-read classic.

You may also have heard of Bryden as a legislator, for his strong insistence that terrorist groups in Canada not have funds funnelled to them through the country's registered charity apparatus. He's always both walked the walk and talked the talk, and it's good to see him do so again here.

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American army reservist, law student and journalist Phil Carter gets the Bush National Guard story just about right.

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