February 05, 2004


I love the Globe and Mail website. Its bizarre mistakes in judgment are always more interesting than its articles.

For instance, the current story (no doubt soon to be fixed) on the apparent suicide-bombing by a Canadian Al Qaeda member that killed a Canadian soldier, which in a no-doubt bleary-eyed copydesk mistake, left the editor's note in the patient:

After the father was arrested in Pakistan in 1995 on suspicion of financing a bombing that killed 16 people, the Khadrs repeatedly landed in trouble and looked to Canadian consular officials to bail them out.

This is trimmable background Ahmed Said Khadr was the Egyptian-born father and ostensible charity worker who immigrated to Canada in the 1970s before becoming radicalized in the Afghan conflict.

He brought his family to Pakistan, and after being arrested in that county, he publicly asked former prime minister Jean Chrétien to intervene for him during a 1996 Team Canada trade mission.

Mr. Chrétien met with his Pakistani counterpart and asked that due process be observed. Mr. Khadr was released. He returned to Afghanistan and enrolled two of his eldest boys — including Abdullah — in training camps financed by Osama bin Laden, a personal friend.

I love the idea that our former Prime Minister's personal culpability in releasing the Khadr family, that may have led indirectly to the death of a young Newfoundlander is "trimmable background." Thanks for keeping the bodies buried, Globe.

UPDATE: 2:15 p.m.... 12 hours after its posting, the story still has, a little further down from the section quoted above the words, "this ends trimmable background."

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Two new arrivals in the growing snappingturtle.net media franchise to note. First, a belated welcome to the latest junior partner of the Lutas blogging consortium... All the best to you and yours, TM.

Second, our erstwhile site owner and real-life Canadian megacorporation-owned journalist, Pat C., has finally taken the plunge and started his own blogspace, at Gigantic Hound... it's not half as bad as he probably thinks it is... we'll add him to the blogroll as soon as he stands us a pint. Hey, I've got to collect something for all this...

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