January 06, 2004


In what has turned out to be a rather radical departure for me, I got the shortest haircut I've had in years yesterday (as close to a complete absence of hair particles as one can get without use of a straight razor, I'd say), giving me a whole new appreciation of Canadian winters.

I'm just saying this so that anyone who sees the giant white ovum strolling across campus in the next couple days won't be confused by the sight. It's just me.

Posted by BruceR at 01:58 PM


I felt a need, after reading to Josh Marshall today, to confess to my three remaining readers that I, in fact, am one of those many commentators who have been using the word "neoconservative" in place of "Jew" to hide my own deep anti-Semitism, and concomitant fear of Richard Perle's hairpiece.

Unfortunately, while I really wanted to admit that to you, a search of this blog for the last two years of posts shows that I've never actually used the word "neoconservative" at all. However, that doesn't mean I'm pure... no, no. I have to come fully clean here.

For instance, in this post here, I really should have written "Jewlithic period." Speaking on behalf of all my racist brethren, I'm really, really sorry for that. I want to thank David Brooks in particular for expanding my mind, and also encouraging me to appreciate the Matrix movies on a whole new, deeply disturbing level.

Posted by BruceR at 01:55 PM