November 30, 2003


AAAH! wants to be, but its editors and managers are, um, how can I say this? Not too savvy. It would be interesting to see if there's an actual trained journalist in the lot. So you get classic web-only boners like this one today, that would be caught if anyone with news sense was involved:

Lead headline: Chr&eacutetien northern trip to Arctic park with family cost $32,000: PM's spokesman offered no explanation as to why Mr. Chr&eacutetien spent the bulk of his time in the park instead of visiting the community. (sic. Sic! Sic!)

But the most amusing characteristic is their photo decisions, which are almost never sound. There's no way the picture of an open car door they're fronting right now was the best they had available from the recent attacks in Iraq, but this is a minor error. Far worse was the deeply unflattering photo they ran yesterday of Canada's next leader Paul Martin (above), with a face that looks like a skin graft and the expression of a mental patient with hives, which I plan to bring out for Hallowe'en next year to scare the children.

Posted by BruceR at 04:49 PM