November 24, 2003


As we approach the two-year mark on this little experiment, I've unilaterally decided it's time for some changes. TM's been after me to take things in different directions, but I simply don't have the time at present... meanwhile it's a small but growing possibility that work for either my university and military employers in the next year could well limit what he or I could say on space directly seen as belonging to me.

So I've decided to split up Flit, with TM getting his own space, where he can be free of any concern that some employment relationship I might have might end up limiting either his speech or mine, and allows us both to experiment further with the form on our own, should we so choose.

I want to be clear that this in no way reflects anything less than my warmest regard for TM and the views he has expressed here over the last few months. I still believe he has a unique and important viewpoint to bring to issues, and if I can continue to help make that view more available to the world, then I consider that an accomplishment. This is a totally amicable parting, and I wish him all the best. I hope readers will continue to visit both sites, which I hope will always be only one click away from each other. (We'll also continue to share the Flitters discussion space, at least in the short term, as there's too many good archived comments there for either of us to give it up easily.)

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In an interesting development, Charles Johnson is facing a small rebellion from his own readership. (Note post #19, where CJ realizes his followers likely aren't going to stay with him on a "no action toys for the West Bank" crusade.)

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Shorter Daniel Pipes:

"If we stay the course, we might still get another Egypt."

(A year ago, of course, that was the worst case scenario many could contemplate.)

UPDATE: Peter Beinart agrees.

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