October 08, 2003


Despite the unanimous condemnation of the Iraqi Governing Council (an organization that apparently has yet to be trusted with the U.S. State Department fax number), a Turkish division seems destined for Iraq.

Most people seem reasonably confident for some reason that the Turks will be sent to the Sunni Triangle, where their presence would not be seen as the invitation to open revolt putting them in Kurdistan would be. The only problems are that a) the Turks don't want to be in the south, they want to be in Kurdistan, and b) the unit that will sorely need them to replace them come February, the 101st Airborne, is currently the garrison of Kurdistan.

It should be noted that the apparent Turkish demands for their cooperation this time (a troop presence in Kurdistan, and independence of operations from U.S. civil and possibly even military authority) are exactly the demands the U.S. balked at in trying to win their Parliament over prior to the war.

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Charles Johnson puts his cards clearly on the table. It's not just the LGF commenters anymore:

"No Palestinian state. Not now, not ever. They donít deserve it, they donít even want it."

The conversion of LGF to what its detractors always said it was is now complete, it seems. Pity: it was a good site, once.

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