July 15, 2003


News from the antisocial games and activities watch: Hunting for Bambi. Pictionary, the killing of virtual cops, and pellet guns.

Marv Glovinsky is a clinical psychologist. He says Hunting for Bambi is every man's fantasy come true.

No, it's NOT. Every moron's fantasy, maybe. (from Simberg)

The Toronto Star, meanwhile advocates extending the same legislation that was successfully used in Canada to ban lawn darts to pellet guns: Air pistols and rifles should be every bit as difficult to obtain as other firearms. That means air-gun owners should be screened, there should be a 28-day waiting period and they should be listed in a national firearms registry.

On the other hand, I see the noble movement to ban computer games that portray the shooting of law enforcement officials continues to struggle with technicalities like constitutionality...

Apparently, however, with all this other stuff they're going on they're all overlooking the real danger to society today: Pictionary. (Props to Jim Henley).

Posted by BruceR at 03:49 PM