March 14, 2003



This is what USAF precision accuracy really looks like. Kudos to Oxblog for bringing it to bloggers' attention.

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OUCH "Legal analysts have struggled


"Legal analysts have struggled to discern a pattern in the [Bush] government's inconsistent treatment of [terrorist] suspects, and finally one has begun to emerge: The truly dangerous criminal masterminds are interrogated indefinitely, the insignificant bumblers are tried as dangerous criminal masterminds, and the rest are left to rot in military jails. It's an interesting approach, but one can hardly call it justice."

--Supreme Court reporter Dahlia Lithwick finds le mot juste (or, as Congress now calls it, the "freedom phrase.")

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HA HA The Washington Post


The Washington Post finds jokes about "paving" France amusing, now, apparently. Remember that old howler about taking all the Vietnamese, putting them on boats, paving their country, then sinking the boats? I bet the WashPost newsroom back in the Watergate days just loved to tell that one: I'm sure they laughed til they cried...

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More on good ol' "President "Days-and-Weeks":

"No matter what the whip count is, we're calling for the vote... You bet. It's time for people to show their cards... read my lips...

No, wait a sec, that last one was Dad...

UPDATE: In other news, no longer bothering to make much sense at all, Mr. Days-and-Weeks today praised the appointment of a Holocaust denier to share power with Arafat as a good step forward for the region.

SECOND UPDATE: In the latest developments at the diary of a slow-motion aneurysm, Bill Quick joined Ramsey Clark today in calling for the impeachment of the President. Then he went for a bike ride. It's not reported whether the mentally-disturbed former Attorney General actually went with him. One hopes they wore helmets.

THIRD UPDATE: I think Charles Johnson is absolutely right to criticize Josh Marshall for his knee-jerk praise for the new Palestinian PM. I just wish he'd saved some of his condemnation for President Days-and-Weeks, whose praise was just as glowing, and whose opinion is still somewhat more influential.

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