February 24, 2003


Possibly the first in a series... here's today's haul:

"F*ck 'em all and let the tanks roll." -- Steven Den Beste

"I guess they [the Kurds] have the common decency to keep their tablecloths on their dining room tables instead of wearing them on their heads in the shape of historic Kurdistan." -- Lawrence Simon, on William Quick's site.

Maybe Charles Johnson should turn his constant search for expressions of irrational race-hatred to the American Wahhabi bloggers once in a while, too. It's getting kind of caustic in here lately.

(PS: Hey, Quick: In case you didn't know, I take care of this newfangled internet dingus for Canada's largest university. I doubt you could truly IP-ban me without also banning a good swath of Toronto as well. But feel free to keep trying, though... it wouldn't exactly be Toronto's loss if you did, would it?)

Posted by BruceR at 10:27 PM