January 29, 2003



Not that important things aren't happening, but I spent the night moving all the guts of the home computer into a nice new Apex TU-150 case... I saw it on the storeshelf and realized it was a perfect complement for my other components, desk, etc... it's my own little piece of the 2001 monolith, or something. You know, if I wasn't compelled to write or teach, I think I could have been immensely happy just having my own little corner computer repair shop somewhere... I had more fun tonight than I've had, the company of certain special others excepted, for a very, very long time, indeed.

Now, while I run a few heat tests, I'm putting the new puppy through its paces by playing all my favourite mp3s... Asia's "Only Time Will Tell," at the moment:

"I see it now
It becomes so clear
Your insincerity
And me all starry-eyed
To think that I would have known by now,,,"

I'd make some kind of metaphorical reference to the Iraq situation, or Canadian defence funding, out of that, but I'm just in too good a mood. I'll try and get back to my usual gravity sometime tomorrow. Oh, good, next song is a Talk Talk tune...

Posted by BruceR at 12:49 AM