December 13, 2002



A story about threatening worldwide activity by Hezbollah gets odder and odder. A lot of people feel remarks by Sheikh Nasrollah in November were a factor in the Canadian listing of Hezbollah as a terrorist organization. But the CBC reported that there was no evidence those remarks were actually made. It was actually the Israeli army PR department that said they were made on Nov. 15, and those remarks seem to have been twisted through a remarkable broken telephone game involving a Florida professor, Fox News, a British based freelancer with two names, and the Washington Times, before they made their way to Canada (making them sixth-hand attributions, at least). But a hardworking blogger found Nasrollah's personal website with highlights of his speech that day. But those remarks don't really say anything like what Nasrollah was quoted here as saying. But now, even though they've apparently be proven right in their suspicions, the CBC story has suddenly disappeared from their website altogether. Huh?

UPDATE: The story's back online now.

Posted by BruceR at 11:51 AM