September 25, 2002



Without any involvement, or apparent interest from their own government, 18 Canadians were rescued by French soldiers today.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister hit a new low today, claiming he took $100 million out of a defence budget with an unfunded operating liability of over $1 billion to start with, to buy himself two new luxury jets, because HIS OLD ONE WAS UNSAFE.

"Many times, I've been involved in some urgent landings with the one we have at this moment -- many times," Chrétien said.

The CBC easily showed this was a lie, as there's only been one urgent landing, ever... but the appalling gall of this man claiming-- after refusing for the last decade to replace any of Canada's 40 year-old naval helicopters (the one and only election promise he's ever kept) with said helicopters, like the air force's nearly as old medium lift choppers, ditching now or failing to take off at all practically every second mission... with Canadian sailors, soldiers and airmen putting their lives on the line every day due to this incredible neglect -- claiming that HIS fricking luxury jet was unsafe, and so Defence just had to buy him two new ones instead of do something to protect THEIR lives... unbelievable. I would have thought only someone who thought those people were utterly useless and completely expendable, who laughed as he fell asleep over how he's screwing them, could say such a thing... would so make a mockery of the danger his ill-thought actions have personally put them into.

Let's face it. The country's prime minister is well aware of the hazardous state of Canadian Forces air equipment. He doesn't care. But he didn't like the bathroom fixtures on his old jet, so he robbed the already bankrupt defence minister, putting off desperately needed equipment purchases, putting people's lives on the line, so he could buy himself a couple fancy new planes with the country's "defence" money.

Posted by BruceR at 01:58 PM