June 19, 2002

23,000 FEET It appears ANG

23,000 FEET

It appears ANG Maj. Harry "Psycho" Schmidt was out for blood that night four Canadians died. As the New York Times correctly notes, at 23,000 feet he was completely immune to any and all fire from the ground. But he dropped a bomb just outside Kandahar's main gates anyway. It could have been Marines he killed, it could have been 101st. But it was Canadians.

Needless to say, no one in Canada has the slightest faith that Maj. Schmidt will ever see the inside of a U.S. brig for what, in the U.S. military's own analysis, now appears just a shade short of outright murder... the U.S. has a long tradition of protecting its own in these circumstances, going right back to Lt. Calley. With allies like the Americans, one wonders whether anyone really needs enemies some mornings.

Posted by BruceR at 08:37 AM