February 24, 2002



Yonge Street below me is one long, raucous Hockey Night in Canada melee tonight even as I write this. For a couple hours this afternoon, my entire country essentially ceased to function. In downtown Toronto, it's ceased again now. The Americans can have their closing spectacle in Salt Lake. This is our closing ceremony...

In 1928, the University of Toronto Alumni Grads represented Canada at the St. Moritz games. With future senator "Stonewall" Sullivan in nets, they beat Sweden 11-0... Switzerland 13-0... Britain 14-0. They were called the greatest hockey team Europe had ever seen. Three years later, in the Statute of Westminster the British government formally relinquished any residual influence it might have over Canadian politics, and finally gave them their own nation.

In 1952, Canada won its seventh hockey gold medal in eight Winter Olympics. The year before, the Princess Patricias had become the only Canadian regiment ever to receive a U.S. Presidential Unit Citation for saving the day at Kapyong Hill. The RCAF's Canadian-built CF-100 was the best all-weather interceptor in the world. And Canada's aircraft carrier, the HMCS Magnificent was flying Sea Furies off its flight deck.

Don't doubt it: tonight a whole nation dreams of what was, and what once may be again. Comebacks are possible in things besides hockey, you know.

Posted by BruceR at 09:40 PM