February 11, 2004

Camps and Counter-Camps

Donald Sensing notes a Washington Times article on camps training islamist militants for insertion into US sleeper cells.

What's missing is the idea of struggling for these men's hearts and souls. There is a great opportunity of a hotline of muslim imams who would be able to bring these men in from the cold, preach to them, and arrange for them to have a reconciliation with the US government. There is nothing holding back such an organization from forming and putting up notices in every mosque in the US. It would be a tremendous blow if we could lower the cost of rooting these people out to our pennies in re-education to their dollar in training them in the first place.

The Department of Homeland Security could make an initiative to imams offering to respect confidentiality and providing a legitimate way for these people to get clean papers and stay in the US (surely monitored, but legal). From a muslim perspective, these misguided souls must be saved and brought back to the true, more tolerant islam that they have abandoned for a false vision that will condemn their souls.

So why doesn't this organization exist? Why isn't it generally known? Why aren't they active nationwide wherever there are muslims to guard against these inserted agents? All we can hope is that moderate muslims will organize and that the DHS will enable it by offering a way out for these sleepers.

Posted by TMLutas at February 11, 2004 02:10 PM