February 11, 2004

Bush's Military Service

I find the entire discussion of George W. Bush's military service to be somewhat bizarre. After all, GWB has been Commander in Chief for three years and change now. You would think that he would be judged mostly on his most recent term of service, but no. Instead 30+ year old service records (which end up largely bearing out the President's story) are more important to decide whether he is fit to continue the job he's been doing for coming on four years now.

Would you retain somebody in a company with years of experience doing a job based on their college transcript or would you evaluate their actual job performance? The man was in the Guard, he did his hours and got an honorable discharge at the end. It's becoming more and more clear that for some in the partisan press, this is a witch hunt. But who dares stop it?

HT: Phil Carter's Intel Dump that provoked this rant

Posted by TMLutas at February 11, 2004 12:59 PM