October 23, 2005

Miers Stand

I oppose the Miers nomination. I came down finally in opposition when I read about TTLB's poll and figured I've got to get off the fence. She's probably a decent vote on Roe but Roe isn't the only problem facing the nation's judiciary and my feel is that Miers is actually worse than O'Conner on several of these issues. I'm not sure that she'd have come out as far against affirmative action as O'Conner did.

What's more, I don't think President Bush is going to get his nomination approved. The crony problem, the mishandling of her presentation to the Senate and the country at large both conspire to make her thin resume carry more weight. With so many better qualified nominees being held up or voted down in the blood sport that nominations have become, what justification is there for letting her get past? Fortunately, Miers is a loyalist. If she sees that her nomination is hurting the President, I think she can be counted on to do the right thing and withdraw.

Posted by TMLutas at 05:32 PM

September 09, 2005

Judicial WW III Was Always Coming

John Hindraker opines:

If President Bush nominates another strong conservative to replace O'Connor, the result will be the political equivalent of World War III. Liberal interest groups will face an existential crisis if they do not fight bitterly to keep the Court's current ideological makeup. Win or lose, they have no choice but to make the effort to oppose Bush's second nominee. And, unfortunately for Republicans, it appears likely that any conservative jurist whom Bush may appoint will give the Democrats more ammunition than John Roberts did. So be prepared for the ugliest, most bitter confirmation battle in a generation.

No matter how well Bush plays the tactics of nomination. It is, and always was, inevitable that the Democrat party would play obstructionist whenever it faced the serious prospect of losing its last bastion of federal power, the split US Supreme Court which so often still rules as they like even after so many Republican appointees.

Excuses would have been made, reputations would have been libeled, people would, and possibly will, perjure themselves to launch nomination killing accusations that cannot easily be disproved. I agree with Hindraker that it's going to be ugly. It always was.

Posted by TMLutas at 08:31 PM