July 07, 2004

Inspiration for a Blogging Think Tank

Though fundraising hasn't much gotten off the ground (in fact, the flight profile resembles a lead brick), Daniel Drezner provides inspiration to revive the blog tank project with his great idea of a blogger post-election cruise. With an institutional presence, such an idea would be pretty simple to set up. The hard part, of course, is to assemble that institutional presence. The main page sidebar has a donation link. Please give generously.

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May 07, 2004

Blog Tank III

Reading through this article on the threatened funding for NASA's Institute for Advanced Concepts, I had the familiar impulse to drop a couple of bucks to create a foundation to backstop government funding for basic research and outlandish ideas. But there was no donation button, and no way to easily set up something of the sort. This is the sort of infrastructure that a blogging think tank could provide, an organizational umbrella to handle small efforts until they grew into something that could be spun off into its own entity. Do I imagine that you could quickly raise the $40M that it would take to permanently fund an institute to replace NIAC? I'm not that naive. But that doesn't mean that a significant amount of funds couldn't be raised and that those funds could eventually grow to eclipse government funding levels.

What's needed is an organization that could lower the barriers to entry for such charitable endeavors. Enter the Blog Tank, but that idea itself has its own barriers to raising money. I have to rely on donations to get things started myself. Please contribute generously in order that the blogging infrastructure can be enriched for everyone. The donate button is on the sidebar to the left on the main page.

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April 21, 2004

Blog Tank II

Glenn Reynolds talks about people using technology to become the media with the NRA as a clear example. This may hold true for large groups but this does leave the small fry out in the cold, doesn't it? Navigating the maze of accreditation to go cover an event, for example, will be easy for the NRA. They have the budget to hire somebody to handle that for all their correspondents. But one man press shops are not similarly blessed with rich budgets.

This is one of the sorts of services that I would see a blogging think tank handle. Getting people on distribution lists for review copies of books in their field, getting them accredited if they want to do a bit of journalism with their opinion pieces, the infrastructure that goes on, sight unseen, in traditional media shops will always keep the traditional media one up on the blogging world until there is an infrastructure shop for the serious blogger to get those services.

Blog Tank is my idea for such a shop. The donation button is to the left in the sidebar. Please give generously.

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