July 12, 2007

Muslim Missionaries, Christian Missionaries

I've no idea whether this Pajamas Media story on breaking the oil/Al Queda link is accurate but this caught my eye:

The Saudis account for 1% of planetís Muslims, but provide 90% of the funding for Islamic institutions and charities world-wide. In keeping with Saudi Arabiaís official version of Islam, the kingdomís billions flow to mosques and charities that espouse a Wahabi doctrine.

If true, breaking Saudi Arabia's oil wealth by moving off oil is going to have a tremendous impact on the religious balance of the planet. Mosques will close, muslim charities will drastically cut back operations and the muezzin's call to prayer in some places may have to revert back to good old lung power. Christianity will not be similarly discomfited. That's going to be an interesting factor in the struggle over Africa among other places.

Posted by TMLutas at July 12, 2007 06:59 PM