April 05, 2007

The tragedy of Left-Wing Christianity

Andrew Martin writes as good a description of where religious belief is among the Left today, in the closet, ashamed of itself, and under attack from the secular faction that largely controls the Left these days. The attacks persist even as the come to a growing realization that they need religion to fight off attacks from truly anti-progressive militants like the islamists but they can't quite seem to let go of the church bashing. Even Mr. Martin is not able to personally invite people to Christ in his article. All that he can do is silently admire someone who is brave enough to give public witness to her own faith early on.

This is tragedy. Christ needs to be proclaimed to all and the left-religious seem to have largely given up the task.

HT: MadPriest (truly mad and not to my taste but he uncovered a gem)

Posted by TMLutas at April 5, 2007 08:46 AM