November 05, 2005

Changing Media Labels

James Pinkerton has a nice retrospective on Reagan but a throwaway line really grabbed me:

That was my problem, and that was the country's problem: we all spent too much time credulously absorbing the pessimism put out by the Main Stream Media, although back then it was just "The Media.

It's taken us 20 years to go from "The Media" to the "Main Stream Media". What will they be called 20 years from now? How will that affect us all?

It will certainly widen out the acceptable marketplace of ideas. Without universally acknowledged gatekeepers, we're going to have to deal with excluding the quacks some other way than just starving them of attention. After all, they could just start a blog...

We're also going to find ourselves more misunderstood in the world. The world is used to looking at a few outlets and saying that this is the US. They are quite likely to continue doing so long after such a simple approach ceases to work.

Posted by TMLutas at November 5, 2005 04:52 PM